The Quest for My Swagger Pt 1: The Shoes

I’ve always considered myself a Sexy Mami (even before having a kid).  Check out the various definitions that Urban Dictionary has for the term mami and you’ll see why.  Basically, mami is a term that can be used to describe a hot chick.  So, ever since I found my self esteem (and that was eons ago, I can tell you right where I was standing and who helped me find the treasure but that’s another story for another time), I’ve thought that described me.

Enter pregnancy.  I still sported heels while pregnant and found myself at a loss for when I was put on bed rest and had to go to appointments because, what to wear on my feet? I was real upset when I had to sport cute, fancy flip flops for my baby shower because heels were not allowed and I had nothing in my closet.  After I gave birth, I didn’t want to wear heels.  Primarily because I had the fear of dropping the kid.

My feet got used to lower heels or wedges.  Now I am trying to get my sexy swagger back and find a dilemma: my feet are not used to heels!  Today I sported Beth to work.  Let me give you a little background.  Robin sent me over to Shoe Dazzle.   I love it.  And if you love shoes, you should definitely check them out (use my link and every time 3 of my friends sign up, I get a free pair of shoes!).  But I digress.  Please see a picture of Beth below and bask in the cuteness (also, a percentage of the sales of that shoe went towards breast cancer research so this was a win-win!).

Beautiful Beth

I love that they have names for the shoes.  I mean yes, when we talk about our shoes we now sound like we’re in a love relationship with another woman but, who cares, right?  I wore Beth to work today.  I was sitting there looking cute at work.  Then my feet started hurting.  As a matter of fact, I think that one of them started cramping.  Could this be?  I couldn’t even sit while wearing cute heels!  This is ridiculous!

When I walk, I feel cute and confident.  My feet don’t hurt.  Why are my feet uncomfortable when I am sitting down, I ask you?  I realize that I need a guide to attaining back my previous title.  This brings me to rule #1 in me getting my mami swagger back:

  1. Wear high heeled shoes to work at least twice a week in order to work my foot out and get it back into sexy mami shape!

More rules in the days to come.  Stay tuned…


Sili is the owner and Chief Executive Mami of Organizada Planner  and My Mamihood. She was selected as one of Latina Magazine's top Blogger to Know and Latina Magazine's top 10 Mommy bloggers. Mothering a 6-year old little girl and figuring out why the clean laundry won't automatigically insert itself where it belongs round out her current passions. Sili is deeply committed to changing the world and coaching you right along toward your purpose. She is viciously awesome. Sili raises armies and builds empires. She also bakes cookies and thangs.


  1. I need to be joining you on this journey to regain my swagger. With my job I CAN’T wear heels *Ugh*, so I am so out of practice. Beth is really cute. Beth and I should be friends.

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