Snack Attack: The Party Edition

I recently told you about the Wii Parties I like to have. Now, when people head on over, I always feel obligated to have something for them to snack on.  I used to be all gung ho party hostess.  But alas, then came the frog princess and now, you’ll be lucky if I throw an old apple at you followed quickly by a Gogurt.  Who has time to get all fancy shmancy like I used to?

Recently, while perusing the frozen food isle I ran across some yumminess.  It was in the form of, what else? Cheese!  Have you had the Farm Rich mozzarella sticks? I’m going to be honest here, the last thing I was thinking about was what I’d be serving at a party although long after the bag was gone, I mused about how they would’ve been a good idea, you know? Had there been any left.

When I went back to the store I found that they have little quesadillas too! Who would’ve thunk it? I’ll remember this for my next party.  In the meantime, I love throwing these in the oven the second the frog princess lies down for her nap. Why? Because that’s my lunchtime, that’s why.  And I have to hurry up and do it so that I don’t mess around and miss an entire meal. I can pop these in the oven and in minutes, I can have something warm (also the reason why I wait until she’s asleep. I’m tired of eating cold food!).

But I digress.  Where was I? Ah yes! Parties.  My favorite thing to do is appetizers.  Who doesn’t love them? Personally I feel that I can eat enjoy more if I’m grazing and trying out different foods (yet another reason these treats are fabu!).

If you were ever to come by for a party, you’ll probably find: salsa, queso, guacamole (though I probably will keep this in the fridge and eat it by myself), my world famous (and so easy I don’t even want to give out the recipe so that people think I slaved over it) salmon dip and recently I’ve found a new appreciation for buffalo chicken dip.

I love spicy foods so I make everything either medium or hot. Thank the Lord that the frog princess has taken to spicy foods as well. Though that could be a result of me eating tons of Five Guys burgers with jalapeños on them when I was pregnant.  Start them early, is what I say!

Next on my list from Farm Rich though are these Queso Cheese Bites which I have not yet tried but find myself fantasizing over.  Oh and as if queso bites weren’t enough, Farm Rich is having an awesome contest! Head on over to their FB page and like them to find out more and enter their Pesos 4 Quesos contest where you have a chance to win a $3,500 “Fiesta Grande” from Farm Rich! Think of what kind of party you can throw with all that moola!

All I ask is that if you win, you share the wealth. I’ll take 15% as a referral fee.  What do you say? No? Well, I’ll take some Queso Bites then!

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    I’m starving now! I’ve actually had these and they are so good. I haven’t seen the queso bites tho.

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