National S’mores Day

Did you know that today is National S’mores day?! Well, consider yourself in the loop and call in to work and explain that today is a religious holiday (for us chocolate lovers).

I have a confession to make: I had my very first s’more at BlogHer last week! Go ahead, laugh. Talk about how you can’t believe I’m 37 35 31 and never had a s’more. I don’t care! I suppose I should tell you now that I watched the Star Wars saga in proper order (1-6 not 4-6 and then 1-3 like most of you!). And, I may or may not have ever seen The Godfather.

The cool part about having my first s’more is that I was photographed throughout the experience and now here it is! My first s’mores in pictures…

Here I am, unsure as to what I’m doing!

I’d like to give special thanks to Samantha and Julia who were across from me during this exciting moment in my life. They guided me as to how to make the perfect s’more. Check out the little fire pot thingy that we used to roast our marshmallows. I need one of those!

Am I doing this right?
I had to get the last bit of marshmallow from the stick.
I can’t believe I’m finally going to do this. Will it taste good?
My very first bite!
Really? I’ve never had one of these before?!
I don’t believe it. Let’s take another bite…
Oh, that’s good! Is that marshmallow oozing out the side?!
Can I have a moment by myself, please?!
Ohmaigaaah! We have a winner!
S’mores, I love you!

And there you have it folks! My very first s’mores courtesy of the Camp Bondfire sweet (see what I did there?)!  If you want to celebrate, check out some great ideas on how to honor the tradition at Hershey’s Camp Bondfire. I am looking at making my frog princess one very special s’more in the backyard while we hang out in the gazebo. Perhaps we’ll get in the hammock and bask in the glory of chocolate. I’m remaining open to what the holiday will bring.

Of course, I am sure that you are now salivating for your own s’mores! Because I love you guys (and because I don’t have a second address that I can lie to Hershey’s about so that I can keep this for myself) I am giving away your very own s’mores basket!


Disclosure: I was given s’mores to eat as evidenced by this post. I then begged for more so the good people at Hershey’s sent me a basket which I may or may not have devoured within a 24 hour period. All opinions (and calories) are my own.

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  1. NBM
    Twitter: notblessedmama

    I will be celebrating National Smores Day by hoping that I win this basket to make some smores!

  2. OMG! We love s’mores. We make them all the time when we go camping. I didn’t even know there’s a National Day. I would love one right now…

  3. Will you be celebrating National S’mores day? If so, how? :: I wish I was, I have marshmallows and graham crackers but no chocolate, exactly why I need to win this!
    Alexandra recently posted..Celebrating Latinas at the #SMlatinas event at Pio Pio!My Profile

  4. Of course I will!… my son would absolutely love it!.. It’s perfect to enjoy some family time in the back yard
    Maybelline @ Naturalmente Mamá recently posted..Sandwich de Pollo y Aguacate solo porque #AmolosAguacatesMy Profile

  5. I will be celebrating National Smores Day by eating smores and maybe sharing

  6. We have a new fire pit and will be making smores to test it out.

  7. Smores are great, but I haven’t had one in years.

  8. charlene elswick

    we missed smores day but we have them often

  9. I plan on making smores with my kids.

  10. I will celebrate by making smores.

  11. Darlene Ysaguirre

    Was not aware of smores day but hey a day to eat smore im all for it

  12. eat a few!


  14. I will be making smores.

  15. Missed the day! :( But we eat smores often. 😉 Thanks.

  16. We will be making s’mores on our grill.

  17. Mary Beth Elderton

    I didn’t know about national s’mores day! But now that I do, I can’t think of anything better than to celebrate a day with s’mores!

  18. yes! i will enjoy some smores(:

  19. Oops, I missed National S’mores Day! But we make & eat s’mores as often as we can…so I’m sure that makes up for it! Congrats on eating your 1st s’more!

  20. I will be celebrating by making smores on the grill with my daughter

  21. Yes had a bbq and of course we had smores for dessert!

  22. Yes,we will enjoy these as a family :)

  23. Sure will – making s’mores over our firebowl!!

  24. I plan on making smores with my son.

  25. Wow! These photos made me craved for that sandwich! So mouth-watering and it looks like you really enjoyed every bite you had..
    Born27 recently posted..Instant conferenceMy Profile

  26. stephanie gregory

    By having smores with the kids!

  27. I will be celebrating by eating smores!

  28. We bought our S’more goodies to make them!

  29. I will not but wish I was.

  30. I will be celebrating by having a camp-out in my backyard and of course making s’mores.

  31. Have not had one in so long I should take advantage of the Day to make myself some!

  32. christina barnes

    I would if I had some SMORE’S to make xD

  33. yummy- I’ll celebrate this day by making smores with my buddies

  34. making smores with my family!

  35. Sadly, I missed it. But I sure will be celebrating if I win this giveaway!

  36. I’m not celebrating on the specific day, but I think every day should be National S’Mores Day!

  37. We made Smores with the kids

  38. Yes by eating Smores!!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  39. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    we will make smores cookies
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  40. We made smores that day, but we made them in the oven.

  41. Family Movie Night with S’Mores!

  42. Valeen N
    Twitter: MaBaMom

    We made smores in the microwave! Yum!

  43. I missed Smores Day, but probbaly would have celebrated over the weekend.

  44. I’ll definitely make s’mores with the family on National S’mores day!

  45. Brittney House
    Twitter: BBrittBrat1398

    I will! My family loves smores.

  46. National S’mores Day was Aug.10 and i missed it. I only heard about it after the fact. I basically think everyday could be National S’mores Day.

  47. I celebrated the S’mores day by eating s’mores for my lunch. How I love your photos! I can see you love s’mores as much as I love it!
    Nathania recently posted..New site about business opportunitiesMy Profile

  48. we did by eating them with the kids outside

  49. I did not celebrate National S’mores day but I do love them and will be making some soon.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  50. no i wont but i do eat them now and then

  51. We will make s’mores over the barbecue.

  52. I will celebrate with my BFF watching movies and eating s’mores .

  53. With s’mores of course.
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..Fifty Shades Of Wrong On So Many LevelsMy Profile

  54. yes we will have a little campfire and smores!

  55. Jennifer Peaslee

    I thought Smores day has gone by? but there is always a reason to celebrate with smores! BBQ and then a night fire with smores…mmmm!

  56. We’ll celebrate by making s’mores!

  57. we celebrate with smores

  58. I can take an extra day to celebrate.. more smores for all!

  59. All summer is a celebration with smores.

  60. I didn’t even know about it until now. I will celebrate with smores.

  61. I celebrated by going camping with my parents and made them make a campfire for once so we could have smores.

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