Mami Moments: Pregnant and Confused


So, before you go on spreading rumors, I am NOT pregnant. Confused? Um, yes. That one I can’t deny.

I haven’t done a Mami Moments in a while and this time around I decided to give the ‘hood a taste of another Mami. Granted, her bun is still baking but to me, she’s a Mami already.

Meet Ms. Brittany, also known as Clumps of Mascara (how cute is that?). She is pregnant, adorable and apparently, confused. Alas, I was too old anal retentive seasoned to have this particular problem (remind me to tell you about my spreadsheet with my THREE registries complete with pivot tables). But, I know how she feels nonetheless because confusion is just part of mamihood.  Can we help a sistah out?


Confession: I am 5 months pregnant and unprepared. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that to close friends and my family members but it’s the truth. While my husband and I planned this kiddo to a tee, what I failed to plan was everything outside of conception. And I know that sounds nuts but give me some slack here. I’m a 27-year old first time mom who thought pregnancy would be the awesomely amazing experience but got slapped in the face with 1st trimester sickies from hell.

Okay, first of all – I hate that my Mom, Aunts, cousins and friends never told me the REAL deal about pregnancy. 80% of what I experienced during the first trimester were normal symptoms but seemed all dramatic because I didn’t expect them. Why don’t women talk about the real symptoms? First trimester came and left and I am currently in the trimester that most pregnant women love…and I see why! I am able to eat without hurling, have a cutesy baby bump and have an insane amount of energy. Being pregnant at this stage is kinda…fun! I’ve been enjoying 2nd trimester so much that I’ve failed to think about the necessities for when baby girl makes her appearance. This was all too clear when my Mom and younger sister (the one in college who has never had any kids) took me to get my baby registries started.

I have never been so confused in life. Excitedly, my Mom and sister grabbed a cart, snatched the list and ran off in various directions. I semi-waddled behind and stroked the furry Hello Kitty keychain that caught my eye. I ended up buying that keychain too. That’s right. I didn’t purchase one thing for baby but managed to score another Hello Kitty item that I didn’t need. WTF? is right.

I followed my family around and let them make the decisions for what would end up on my registry. The conversations pretty much followed this…

Sister: “Which bottle brand do you like?”

Me: *crickets*

Sister: Have you not researched the different brands?

Me: Uh….*orchestra of crickets*

How could I be THIS clueless? How am I supposed to know which diaper, bottle, stroller and carseat brands are the best? Was I supposed to research these things before getting pregnant?

I don’t know doggone it. I just don’t know. I always think my friends with kids are too busy to entertain my silly questions so I don’t even ask them. I spent so many years enjoying the kid-free life and now that it’s here I’m like…lost. I reckon I’ll get it together sooner rather than later. I don’t have a choice though, do I?

Can any Moms out there relate? Is it okay that I am this clueless right now or should I be freaking out?


Don’t you just love her? I know I do. Brittany has a sweetness about her that makes you want to go up and give her a hug. I’m totally rubbing her belly next time I see her. And I’ll give her that hug because, don’t we know what she’s feeling? Hang tight babe, I guarantee you that everything is going to be just fine!

Brittany is the editor of the popular beauty blog Clumps of Mascara and a staunch advocate of the power of social media. Brittany has done extensive work as a social media consultant, planning and executing campaigns for a number of organizations. As an authority for all things glossy, shimmery and glittery, Brittany is the President of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida  and she hopes that her love for beauty can inspire women to all ages to truly love themselves; inside and out.

Seeing her pregnant has made me ovulate against my will (can I press charges for that?). Be sure to say hi to Brittany and her baby clump on her blog and on Twitter.


Sili is the owner and Chief Executive Mami of Organizada Planner  and My Mamihood. She was selected as one of Latina Magazine's top Blogger to Know and Latina Magazine's top 10 Mommy bloggers. Mothering a 6-year old little girl and figuring out why the clean laundry won't automatigically insert itself where it belongs round out her current passions. Sili is deeply committed to changing the world and coaching you right along toward your purpose. She is viciously awesome. Sili raises armies and builds empires. She also bakes cookies and thangs.


  1. I just want to say that I’m also pregnant and confused and this is my second! Don’t feel bad mama every situation is different and really at the end of the day you can’t plan everything. Check out some books if that makes you feel better or some mom blogs out there. My biggest concern no lie was maternity fashion. I was so frustrated with my fast growing bump (no one told me you grow this fast the second time around) that I couldn’t figure out what to wear! You’ll get there and your baby will have everything that they need!
    Jai recently posted..What to Expect When You’re Expecting Movie GiveawayMy Profile

  2. I’d say you don’t need half the stuff they push for the registries. Wipe warmers – nope. Bottle sanitizers – uh, dishwashers. You also need less clothes than you think, especially when they’re tiny. They outgrow them soooo fast. And if you think everyone kept secrets from you about pregnancy, just wait until labor and delivery. I. Had. No. Idea.

    But as clueless as I was, me & my kiddo survived. You will too. Enjoy your pregnancy & congrats!
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  3. Dont feel bad at all! Girl, I had no idea how to start preparing for my daughter when I found out I was pregnant with her. Especially when it came to certain brand names for baby items. To be honest, I didn’t figure all that out until after she was born. I got tons of gifts for her at my baby shower like different types of bottles, pacifiers, soaps, etc. She made the decision with what type of bottle she wanted to drink from, I mean absolutely refused anything other than the playtex bottles and she didn’t like pacifiers either. With carseats and strollers, I just looked up which ones had the greatest and safest reviews and purchased those. Everything just fell into place. She’ll be a year old this month and I still get stumped from time to time. I just learned its best to go with the flow.

  4. Oh Boy! Where do i start!?! I was so clueless too! THIS IS NORMAL. The hubs and I wanted a baby so bad after our miscarriage that we dived into pregnancy headfirst! That being said we registered for everything in site and our first criteria for adding to the list was where it was cute second was if we thought we needed it and third it looks fancy- So not what you should base it off of. With our second we quickly learned that bagged bottles was a mess rather than help so we went with the platex angled bottles that had the removable bottom this we learned helped with gases. If I can recommend 3 items NOT to add to your list they would be 1- diaper dispenser aka diaper genie (a mess, smelly and so much more work then a normal trash) 2- wipe warmer(ur gonna be in a hurry anyways there’s no point in heating we took both of ours back) 3-bottle warmer(no need)
    if i can recommend 3 must have 1- carseat /stroller combo 2-baby swing 3- pack and play( if it has a top bassinet area this was a life saver since i nursed it was easy to have baby next to me but out of my bed plus it grew with them this was later the perfect area to keep them to nap or stay put when they become crawlers) goodluck!!!!

  5. Hi Brittany! I’m already 9 months pregnant and well passed being confused! I’m just exhausted!! My attitude is, let the chips fall where they may!!! You look adorable! You will catch on. We all will!! Gotta go to the kitchen now and eat some bread pudding!!!

  6. CONFUSED was an understatement to me! Being pregnant for the first time at 36 was not easy! NEVER did I expect all the 6 months of morning sickness, or better yet THE WHOLE day was morning sickness! But at the end…………….it was ALL WORTH THE EFFORT! So, Brittany just think it will soon be over and you will be enjoying your little bundle of joy!
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  7. Mama Clumps, I am so happy for you. Girl, you are not the only one. I read every book out there and still was confused. But don’t stop asking the questions, is one person doesn’t answer the other one will. I am here for you babe!!

  8. Thank you gals soooo much! I’m taking notes and not feeling AS stressed. I am loving the mommy support!
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