Sometimes I Wish…


I’m part of a group of bloggers scattered across the globe and they’ve come up with a brilliant blog hop. As you might’ve guessed, today is my day and so, here I am writing off of the prompt: sometimes I wish.

Special thanks to InJensMind for the introduction and that powerful post. I wish more than anything that I could reach out into the past and protect that little girl. If I could, I’d hold you tight and would never let go. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.


Ever since I started wondering what my brain would write about on this prompt, the following song has been going through my head:

I wish I was little bit taller, I wish I was a baller. I wish I had a girl who looked good
I would call her. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ’64 Impala. – Skee-Lo

Here I am…wishing. If wishes could come true and would have no asterisks next to them then I’d simply wish for an infinite number of wishes. But, we all know that’s not possible so, Here we go…


Sometimes I wish my homework would get done by the same fairy that steals my socks

That time would stop running so fast, that I could just turn off the clocks

Sometimes I wish my brother wouldn’t eat my 3 Musketeers snack

And that people that say they care really had my back

Sometimes I wish the fog would lift itself off my head

Other times I wish I could sleep late in my bed

Sometimes I wish for romance that’s sickly sweet

Oh, and I also wish Oprah would answer my Tweet

I wish Mami Ink would bring me dreamers that I can teach

That just means I want to speak to hearts that I can reach

Right now I’m wishing for a bench that would go nicely in my room

And I wish that 2012 would not end in certain doom

I wish some PR firms wouldn’t be so full of shit

That they’d recognize my craft is totally legit

Sometimes I wish I’d win the lotto though I never play

And that I wouldn’t be so sleepy all night and all damn day

I wish the frog princess spoke more Spanish

That my lunch talent grows beyond her favorite sannish

And speaking of, is it too much to ask for the fairy to fix lunch

Not just for the kid, but something for me to munch

Which brings me to the most import…

Sorry, baby girl woke up so now I’m wishing for sleep

Also wishing for promises that people actually keep

I wish for safe arrivals of the bundles of joy of my crew

You think you know it all but baby, if you only knew

That all of your wishes and dreams will arrive in one big push

After hours of laboring and perhaps a hemorrhoid on your tush

I wish so much for my child I can’t fit it in this post

But a full life filled with love is what I wish her the most

I wishing for rice pudding that only my dad can make

That people get as good at giving as they are on the take

I wish you understood the words that come out of my heart

So we wouldn’t have to wish right from the very start.


I believe in wishes and dreams more today than I did as a child. Because now I understand that it is all about faith, hope and love. It’s bigger than me. Wishing has kept me up when everything has told me to stay down. It is why you are able to read these words today. Because my wishes (really, like Iyanla says, let’s call a thing a thing) are really my prayers. They sustain me. How could I not believe when I have so much of what others pray for? When I am so blessed, so honored to be in this space with these people and at this time. 

I wanted the poem to be light and hearty, cheeky and true. So tell me darlings, sometimes I wish, how about you?blogtagyoureit

Please be sure to keep an eye out for Margaret’s blog as I am passing the baton onto her well-abled hands. Thanks to this group I’ve had a chance to meet this spirit and I am so glad. See, my wishing has worked again! I have wished for good blogs to read and voila! Here she is asking us to See the Idea (love that name)!


Sili is the owner and Chief Executive Mami of Organizada Planner  and My Mamihood. She was selected as one of Latina Magazine's top Blogger to Know and Latina Magazine's top 10 Mommy bloggers. Mothering a 6-year old little girl and figuring out why the clean laundry won't automatigically insert itself where it belongs round out her current passions. Sili is deeply committed to changing the world and coaching you right along toward your purpose. She is viciously awesome. Sili raises armies and builds empires. She also bakes cookies and thangs.


  1. I got a wee bit weepy reading this but I’m not blaming the pregnancy hormones (not this time, at least) because I’m always weepy anyway. Ha! I wish alllll the time. Especially about winning the lotto when my behind doesn’t even play. I wish that I can quit my job and find happiness outside of a cube. I wish I didn’t have so much anxiety about random stuff. I wish that I could save all of the little kids who suffer from domestic violence. I wish my Mom lived closer. I wish that the first half of my pregnancy wasn’t so horrible but grateful that the 2nd half is proving to be better. I wish I was at home typing this instead of at work where my coworkers question why I have my feet elevated because I’m not THAT pregnant. I wish I could focus. I wish my baby girl could get here sooner and everyone tells me I should enjoy pregnancy and I am but I can’t wait to meet the babe in my belly. I wish I could take a nap every day and I wish someone would event safe nail polish that didn’t cheap 4 seconds after you’ve applied it. That’s all. 🙂 For now at least.
    Brittany recently posted..Mascara Monday: Essence Get BIG Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof mascaraMy Profile

  2. So loved your wishing poem, Sili – clever, witty, and honest! And, that your wishes are your prayers? Beautiful!
    Well done, my dear!
    Blessings to you!
    Martha Orlando recently posted.." . . .My Run, Run, Run, Run, Runaway . . ."My Profile

  3. Such a lovely wish..the best thing being the honesty that reflects through your words!

    <3 AMEN <3
    Privy Trifles recently posted..Silent Whispers (Flash Fiction)My Profile

  4. You can’t leave without dreams, without wishing that one day they will come true.

  5. I “wish” all day long. Life is more exciting that way. Just waiting for tomorrow and wishing your wish will come true! Enjoyed your wish very much!
    Myrah – Coupon Mamacita recently posted..NEW $1 Snuggle Coupon + Publix Deal!My Profile

  6. beautiful post. You´re so right, wishing is about having, faith, hope and love. May all your dreams come true 🙂

  7. lovely, lyrical post! i will be wishing for you to get some rest, since that’s what you seemed to wish for the most! although, i get the feeling from reading you that you’re getting more fulfillment out of life but sort of pushing yourself to accomplish certain things — good luck with all your dreams!
    Dangerous Linda recently posted..The Shrewd ShrewMy Profile

  8. Thanks for sharing this poem. It is so honest it made me a little emotional.
    I wish so many things as well and I hope they come true one day…

  9. A very honest-to-God wish. I really subscribe to what you have written as an end not. Faith is what it takes but even with faith my wish can never be fulfilled — that of being invisible! Good luck for everything but with faith who needs luck!

    Much love.

    Joy always.
    Susan Deborah recently posted..adding pages to my book of lifeMy Profile

  10. I really like your wishes. I’m still wishing to go to bed earlier.

  11. Adorable!
    Great blog hop

    Here is to your wishes coming true

  12. I loved the honesty and the practicality of your wishes, Sili. But the writing just blew me away…I wish I could read more of your writing. And that you get some rest. ?
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted..If I Ruled The WorldMy Profile

  13. So cute! I loved it!, very honest indeed!
    Maybelline @ Naturalmente Mamá recently posted..El Hada de los Sorteos Nro. 50 – Octubre 9 de 2012My Profile

  14. So many wishes…and hope they all come true.

  15. Loved the lines “wishing has kept me up when everything has told me to stay down”. Wishes keep our hopes alive and faith makes them come true. Keep on wishing 🙂
    Suzy recently posted..Blogfest – Living my dreamMy Profile

  16. Lovely… Sometimes when I read something like this make me wish… that it is a personal responsability do not forget my wishes… and keep dreaming…

  17. Mami, that was so refreshing and uplifting! In this day and age, we all need to have more faith. Thank you for sharing your wishes. Your post brought a smile to my face 🙂

  18. Mami, Wonderful, I loved it, so true that of all the wishes we as mothers can have is peace love and faith of our children. Wishes as prayers perfect. great addition to our hop. thank you.
    Daisy Inthewind recently posted..A Wish Come TrueMy Profile

  19. I love this poem … performs easily when read aloud. Contains a lot of wonderful imagery and much humor. Congratulations.
    With respect, Pat.
    Patricia Eastwood recently posted..Be sure your sins will catch you out!My Profile

  20. You write from the heart. Striking words address the core of feelings…we all have those, even the ones that hurt. Thank you expressing what sometimes is hard to think about. I apologize I didn’t take the blog baton through a mention… I realized afterwards that was the thing to do,

  21. Loved your wishes!

    “Sometimes I wish my homework would get done by the same fairy that steals my socks”

    Yes, that fairy sure could put her effort to better use..the sock stealing gets old! 😉 Thought that wish was great! And yes, I wish time would be a little more merciful and learn to slooow down.

  22. that was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it… inspiring. humorous. uplifting. I believe in wishes, too. I agree, faith… and action are necessary ingredients.
    Amy recently posted..Rear-viewMy Profile

  23. Oh I’m sooo glad that I finally read this post 😉 I love your poem and I’m sure the kids will too when I read it to them.
    It’s so blithe and really weaves magic into one’s imagination 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your wishes … prayers 🙂
    Melissa Tandoc recently posted..Life’s MarrowsMy Profile

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