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Last month I hosted a shower for my cousin in Atlanta. It was beautiful and so fantastic that I have yet to write about it (go with me on this, will you?). Do you want me to tell you what the hardest part was? Finding one of a kind invitations. As we round the corner to the birth of her sweet prince and I find myself in charge of birth announcements I can tell you it will be much easier this time because I will have the help of Minted!

Have you heard of these guys? Minted is a global community of independent graphic designers and an online store that prints and sells the best of their designs in the form of paper goods. I love that! Love that I can support some graphic designers (like Uncle Pete) around the world.

Are you a paper nerd? Because I am. You know how much I love everything there is about paper. Minted has so much more, though. Prints! They have prints! And I want them all.   

Social Influenz just created some cool interest cards that I thought were delightful (if you see me at Hispanicize, stop me and ask me for one).

I really like these products because they have a unique feel to them. And they feel like me. If that makes any sense. Since I am in charge of putting together baby boy’s announcements, I am going to have a field day. The only problem? Even if I filter the announcements by “baby boy” I’m still looking at choosing from 249 items! Needless to say I will be at this for a while!

Doesn’t this just make you ovulate?!

I think I love this one though because of the animals.

Then again, this says it all!

Yeah so…I was also perusing their other categories and couldn’t help but spend a little time in their wedding section. They have letterpress wedding invitations. Letterpress is like the sexiest paper situation. Ever. Seriously, if letterpress was a man, I’d marry it! It looks so beautiful and is equally balanced with a sense of uniqueness and a bold delicate feel. Hard to explain unless you’re a paper nerd. But I’m here to help you through this! They’re beautiful. Trust me, I’m a Mami!

I’m looking forward to helping people plan their weddings (what is it that they say about always the planner?). I know that a certain Chatty Momma is renewing vows soon AND I am hoping to be involved in my sister’s wedding planning though she is not yet anywhere near engaged (just throwing it out there). Oh! And there’s a certain gal that I totally love named Vanessa that I think might love these. Just sayin’!

Isn’t this a great idea? A little mini book!

I think this looks classy!

You can select the silhouette of the card for an even more personalized look!

These are some that caught my eye but needless to say there are tons, tons more! I’m not going to lie, I haven’t made it through all the products. You know how when you eat too much ice cream at once you get brain freeze? I’m experiencing the same thing with these. Brain freeze: the paper edition, so to speak.

I am digging these and if you should need some ridiculously awesome invitations (or prints, or birth announcements) I’m going to suggest you head on over to Minted. And then come back and tell me what you got.

Disclosure: I was given a code to purchase Minted products. All opinions, paper nerdiness and strong hints that I’m available for planning are purely my own.


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  1. Love this. My favorite one is the Ashleigh and Michael’s invitation. Kudos to Minted for the awesome styling. It’s very cute!
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  2. Did I say Michael? I meant Matthew…dang autocorrect!!!
    Tonia @TheChattyMomma recently posted..StrongMoms Empower – We Don’t Judge! Take the #StrongMomsEmpower PledgeMy Profile

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