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When Life Is Overwhelming, What Do You Let Go Of?


Sometimes life gets crazy. Too much going on…too busy, too many appointments, too many people in need of your help, not enough time for what truly matters which means you end up doing things that take you away from your passion. Not enough time for yourself. Where does the time go? I’m at a crossroads and it’s VERY apparent that ...

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Mami Mondays: The Countdown To the #Organizada Kickstarter


I have like 68 hours left on my Kickstarter. I thought I had a few more hours but apparently calculations is not my thing which doesn’t bode well for me. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make my goal but the fighter and believer inside me thinks I can. Not entirely sure how, though. I figure if I get a ...

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Mami Mondays: Black Girls Rock


This started as a FB post and as I wrote I thought damn, I might as well put it up on the blog. So, here it is… Last night the Frog Princess stayed up late. She was watching #BlackGirlsRock with me. It was another chance for us to talk about our blackness (my child has argued me down because hello?! ...

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What I Know For Sure: On Dreaming Big at 40


It is my birthday! Today I am FORTY, y’all! Can you believe it? I cannot. Wasn’t I just 12? Who messed with father time? For the record, I think I look fantastic! It’s the middle of the night, I’ve been fighting some allergic reaction for like 2 weeks, I have a boatload of work to handle and on top of ...

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What I Know For Sure: On Love


Yup, we got to the love portion of the list. What can I say? Mamihood on Monday, living on Tuesday and love, smack dab in the middle of your week. Grab some wine a cup of coffee and let’s get to it. If you don’t learn the lesson, you’ll keep getting the test: this doesn’t just apply to love but ...

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What I Know For Sure: On Living


Yesterday, I shared what I knew about Mamihood. Today, I share my simple thoughts on living.  Self-absorbed people have no idea you exist: this is true and I’d write more here but if you’re self absorbed you’ll probably hand this over to the person sitting next to you and tell them it’s for them. All that to say, take it ...

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Mami Mondays: What I Know For Sure


You know I love me some Oprah. I have it in a corner of my vision board that I shall be speaking to her at some point in time. So it is no wonder that the words “what I know for sure” are so ingrained in me that when I say the words in my head, it is her voice I ...

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Time and Being Present {#Mamis40to40}


(I wrote this on my phone as I was boarding my plane in Houston, at approximately some hour which I do not recall)   It is all about time. What we’ve spent, what we are eating up, what we might not have.   These last few months, as I have struggled to create more space for peace, I have been ...

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40 Days Till 40 {#Mamis40to40}


With 40 more days until my birthday, I want to issue a challenge to friends near and far. I am not planning a big birthday bash (this is your hint to start planning a surprise party for me STAT, folks). But the thing about parties is that you never get the one-on-one time with all the people that come out ...

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