Wednesday , 23 April 2014

My Life

The Blood Moon


I tried staying up last night. But as the time ticked, so did I. Why don’t I have a telescope?! How hard is it to live in a planetarium? What type of wine pairs well with the blood moon? All these things were running through my mind as I walked outside a little before 1 a.m. and noticed a very ... Read More »

The President, the Princess and the Book


Mami used to say “you can treat me however you like but if you show a kindness to my kid, you have my heart”. A kindness is what the frog princess was shown. And for me, it defined so much about this administration in the White House. Let me say that I know not everyone is on the same page ... Read More »

Fitting My Pieces Together


March was…eventful around here. Travel and commitments took up a great part of my month. Add to that the whole “hey you wanna meet Potus?” thing and my birthday and I can safely say I’ve had way too much excitement for my own good. The frog princess has had a cough lately. It meant a trip to the ER on ... Read More »

39 (#FortyMinusOne)


Today I turn 39. I’m beyond elated to be here, at this age, in this time. I try to take nothing for granted though I know that inevitably, I do. However, I am more conscious of it and so, I try my best not to.  I’m doing what I can to stand in the moment and take it all in. ... Read More »

Meeting the First Man


Prologue During the last inauguration ceremony, we watched on TV and I pointed people out to the frog princess as the day went on. When Michelle Obama came on the screen, I told her that was President Obama’s wife, the first lady. Without hesitation, the then 3-year old frog princess turned to me and announced: Mami, he’s the first man! ... Read More »

Who Broke the ‘Hood?!


Last week was amazeballs in a way that I have not yet figured out how to explain. I got to speak at the Doctors for America conference in D.C. and right before then? Well, Potus made a visit to Orlando and I was one of the ridiculously lucky 6 women who sat with him at a roundtable to discuss blogging, ... Read More »

Phenomenal Woman: Lupita Nyong’o at the Oscars

Nyong'o, best supporting actress winner for her role in "12 Years a Slave", speaks on stage at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood

I’m wearing multiple blogging hats this morning. I had these thoughts last night after Ellen’s selfie hit my timeline and I had to write about it. Then there were the beautiful gowns, the well groomed gentlemen, Ellen’s humor and beauty. But throughout the night, my breath continued to be taken away by: Lupita. Yes, I am crushing on her. I ... Read More »

If Dominican Were a Color…


If Dominican Were a Color… …It would be the sunset in the sky blazing red and burning bright …The shade of cinnamon in your cocoa, skin so soft it drives you loco …My grandma’s eyes honey brown with mahogany skin …My other grandma’s yellow tint like mine has been If Dominican were a color… …It would be the shades of blue in the sunrise’s ... Read More »

Stylin’ With Kleenex


I have this idea that my house will look a certain way. One day. It probably will never happen though. But there are days when all I want is to see a bright spot in the house, a touch of flowers, some bold colors perhaps. Enter Kleenex. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, really? Yes. Really. First of all, ... Read More »

America La Bella

Statue of Liberty

Have you seen the Coca Cola commercial that sparked hate-tweets that we have now grown accustomed to? I’m at a point where I watch a commercial or a story and can pinpoint the level of hate that it will be spewed by the populous. But even though I knew it would incite hate and awful words, even though I could ... Read More »