Girl Child Volume II


I found this thanks to FB’s Memories and I just had to share because time is moving too fast, y’all! How is my child growing at lightning speeds? Here’s what I shared in 2010… I am there when you open your eyes in the morning and you smile. It does not matter if you are sick, hungry or wet. You ...

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How Do You Bring Out Your Inner Child?


I found myself giddy with excitement when I grabbed my mail, threw it in the car and made titi Q open the box. What could it be? I wasn’t expecting any samples for review? Well, let me tell you! It was a box that made me deliciously happy. Don’t ask me why but, I got giddy when my new Magic ...

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Confessions of a Co-Sleeper


It is VERY late at night, y’all. I’m typing this out as my last “thing” before I go to bed. And I’m only doing it because I felt a surge to share about my experience tonight. I was working in my room when I heard my door creak open. The frog princess has a thing she calls sleep walking which ...

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Becoming Titi Q


Becoming an auntie was a transformation. I don’t feel entitled to compare it to motherhood…but I will anyways. Being present during my sister’s pregnancy and then being present almost everyday for the first year of my niece’s life was truly a gift. I remember watching my sister’s belly as the frog princess kicked and punched and wiggled around. The surface of ...

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A Boob By Any Other Color: On Breastfeeding and Privilege


This morning, I saw my girl Yanira in my text messages. I was ready to laugh at something funny or be inspired by her hustle. Instead, I got this: Hawtdamb! I rolled my eyes. Annoyed at the obvious way in which privilege rears its ugly head. Even when feeding a child. But then I thought, I want to see what ...

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Scenes from Bedtime


First Scene Frog Princess: “Mami, when I am a grown up, do I have to have a baby?” Me: “You can have a baby. Only when you are a grown up.” Frog Princess: “But, will my body just know to have a baby?” Me: “Do you want to have a baby?” Frog Princess: “No.” Me: “Then you don’t!” Frog Princess: ...

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Memories of Mañanitas Past {#FPMiPrimerCumple}


Are you planning your baby’s first birthday? Helping to plan your niece or nephew’s party? If you’re anything like me you want to be the hostess with the mostess. See I thought I had it all figured out. I had the mostess ideas to keep the kiddies busy and prevent them from making a huge mess. I planned activities like ...

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Celebrate the Last Days of Summer with Pampers {Giveaway}


I think I use more wipes after the frog princess came out of diapers than before. Why is that? I mean, I’m not even counting the fact that I use them to take off my make up or anything. Last Fall I had the privilege of heading to Cincinnati to visit my favorite diaper brand. I mentioned to you then ...

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The Princess Hits PreKinder


Dear Frog Princess, I am too busy trying not to cry to write in your journal (PS: for the last, almost 4 years, your journal is in this blog. Sorry.). Your first day of Pre-K is today. We had an entire conversation about how you wanted to be a teacher AND a doctor (but with no shots) and your conundrum ...

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Watering the Flower: Helping My Daughter Embrace Her Beauty


I’m beyond excited that this chick is here today. Like…someone pinch me, excited! I loved her the minute I saw her badass shoes and fierce outfit. Here’s my fellow…errrr…Social Good Fellow, Denene, queen of badassery! This is beautiful and soft and glides through the heart with the love that only a mother can weave into words. Her pronouncement sent a chill ...

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