"Parenting a girl sometimes feels as if I'm drawing her heart and filling it with all that it might ever need."

Every once in a while, I’m presented with a time in parenting that you know will leave a footprint on my child’s path. Last night was one of those moment. The Frog Princess has been unusually clingy. I got home from the MomsRising staff retreat Saturday morning and she has been under me ever since. I think that two trips during January might’ve been a bit too much for her. When I dropped off yesterday, she was weepy and sad, asking if she “had” to stay at school. It was hard to......

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Tooth fairy letter

Y’ALL! My baby lost her first tooth. And it’s the first tooth she ever got. Like in the history of Frog Princess teeth! I don’t even know what to say. I’m excited, nostalgic, happy, sad, nervous. All of these feels! I noticed how loose the tooth was on Halloween night. So much so that I called her dad back after trick or treating so he could do the honors. Alas, the tooth was not yet ready but I was glad I did. The thing that I find the most tender about co-parenting......

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The season of presents and presence
November 02, 2015

Presence and Presents

I woke up on November 1st to a child that had snuck into my bed. She was up with a smile (as is her usual), stretching and proclaiming “helloooo, November!”. It is her birthday month and we are very excited. As I woke up today I started thinking about November and gratitude. You guys know how I feel about gratitude, right? More than that, I thought about how I wanted to give my baby my presence this month. More than normal. Because I feel as if I sometimes fall short. When things......

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First day of Kindergarten
August 25, 2015

Of Kindergarten and Kisses

Dear Frog Princess, We got through your first day of Kindergarten and wow! I have no words. I’m still in shock that I have a Kindergartener in the house. How did that happen?! We also just got back from our first Mami/Frog Princess vacation. Can I tell you that it was exhausting? Can I tell you it was magical? You had such a great time. Don’t believe me? Look! Things About You This Week You have been nervous about going into the classroom with the big kids and told me you might......

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What's in My Diaper Bag
August 24, 2015

What’s in My Diaper Bag

Disclosure: this is a compensated post. All thoughts, opinions and adorable bag are purely my own. I love how women share what is in their bags, it makes us feel connected as if we aren’t alone is carrying around 7 different lip glosses and 3 pens with no pad of paper. Today I am sharing what is in my diaper bag. With my first, I carried everything under the sun. The bag was heavy and I hardly used most of what I had with me. Now that my second is 1 ½,......

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Need Pampers? Babies R Us Has A Great Offer!

Disclosure: this is a compensated post. All thoughts, opinions and baby baking are purely my own. Here we go again, thinking about all things baby. Except this time, it isn’t from the excitement of the first time baby, the joy of completing your family with number two, but the fear, the true-honest-to-goodness-fear of adding a third child to the mix. We are happy about the new bundle of joy and excited for all the changes but honestly, the cost of having two still in diapers is a bit worrisome. Lucky for us, we’ve been......

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Teach Her Tuesday: A Lesson In Loss
July 14, 2015

A Lesson In Loss

Last Monday I went to a reception for a friend of the Frog Princess. It was a place I never thought I’d be. Paying my respects after the passing of a happy and healthy 3 and a half year-old. But there I was. He was fairly new to the school but I recall his voice ringing out with “hi frog princess mami!” from the playground while I picked up one day. I said hello and noticed his beautiful blonde hair as I turned to greet my girl and usher her to the......

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Mami Mondays: She Makes Me Better! {Giveaway}

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Pampers.  All opinions are 100% mine. This blog was nowhere to be found before 2010. And I wouldn’t ever have thought about it prior to 2009. That was the year my life changed. The year the universe shifted. Through the simple act of being, the Frog Princess completely changed the trajectory of my life. I pray I am a better woman for it and that all I do makes her proud. Having a mini-me in my life has meant so......

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The Thing About Kids Telling the Truth

I knew the time was coming. As a parent, I think you have a sixth sense about these things. The Frog Princess is so good. I’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop. Lately, I’ve noticed her pushing her boundaries and I’ve also noticed that as a 5-year old, there are nuances that she just does not understand. Take, for example, her belly. For years now, I have taken to lots of tickles, poking of the belly and of course, reminders of how awesome that belly is. Things like “look that belly!”......

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Teach Her Tuesday: Life Lessons

By the time you read this, I would’ve already been hard at work for hours. Doing what, you ask? Let’s just say I’m in a magical place trying my hand at some amazing and magical things. Monday brought a swim lesson and I realized that not only am I teaching the Frog Princess about sight words, books and science but I’m also spoon feeding her life lessons. Today, I hope our experience solidifies the understanding that dreams do come true and that what she can put her mind to can come to......

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