Saturday , 19 April 2014


Mami Moments: The Girls’ Department


We went shopping yesterday. Nothing fancy. Grabbing a few things from Target. As I looped around my familiar shopping perimeter, I wasn’t finding what I needed and suddenly the thought I’d had a few weeks back that I pushed to the back of my head bubbled back up and I heard myself telling the (ex)man: we need to go to ... Read More »

14 Things I Love About the Frog Princess


My dearest Frog Princess, today is Valentine’s day though from this point forth I shall call it Balemstimes since that’s how you say it. This day is like any other aside from the fact that I had to create 24 gift bags for your classmates with something other than candy because I didn’t want to be “that” parent this year. ... Read More »

Thankful for Pampers: Giving the Gift of Sleep

Gift of Sleep

A couple of months back, the Baby Board was asked if we were interested in giving someone the gift of sleep. After a resounding yes, we were provided a gift card and told to go forth and give. How. Cool. Is. That? It made me fall in love with Pampers just a little more. I thought about it and thought ... Read More »

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner


Yery’s back! Today she’s telling us about her aunt and some unsolicited advice. Tell me this has never happened to you in your parenting career… So the other day I called to talk to one of my aunts. Of course the majority of the conversation was about my boy, how big and beautiful and smart he is. How well I ... Read More »

Pampers Baby Board


I love to learn. When I took my Strengths Finder 2.0  test, one of my strengths? Learnin’. It means that I am never without something new and exciting in life. And although I want to quit school right. this. minute. I don’t mind telling you that finding out cool things about brands I already thought I knew is a highlight ... Read More »

Loca About Leche


Today Yery shares one of the things that makes her loca: breastmilk. You’ve heard me talk about breastfeeding but here’s an account of someone that has been exclusively pumping for six months (and counting). These days it seems like everything I do is tied to my milk supply. That’s right; I am a human milk machine. I have a living ... Read More »

Rough Patch


Disclosure: this product was provided in order to review it Today I have the pleasure of introducing Yery, Malachi’s and Ali’s Mami, to the ‘Hood. Here she tells us about a rough patch with her son and what she’s been doing to help. Look for Yery (pronounced YEAR-IE because I know you are wondering) to be hanging out in the ‘Hood ... Read More »

Love, Sleep & Play: The Princess & The Pampers


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. But all the adorableness below? All mine & priceless! I have been mourning my baby girl growing up so fast. Missing those days when I’d put her on my shoulder and she would burrow into my neck for a nap. I think part of it has come from the joy I’ve been feeling as ... Read More »

(Frog) Princess Diaries: Summer of 2013


Where do I begin? It is the summer before you turn 4 and I am astounded every day at how big you are. Not just because you’re over 3 feet tall (I don’t think I was that tall until I was 6!). You are smart, beautiful and kind. You are also ridiculously funny. Your laughter bubbles over into joy for ... Read More »

Camp Mamitiki Means Mami and Me


Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Dole Packaged Foods, LLC. However, all opinions expressed are my own. I told you a couple of weeks ago that this summer, I’d be keeping the frog princess home for Camp Mamitiki. I’ve had a few people ask what this is and it’s simple: it’s Mami and Me time. With my ... Read More »