Sunday , 20 April 2014


One Simple Way to Become a Password Tamer


I wanted to title this post: losing my religion. Because for those of us that are small business owners, work seems like a religion sometimes, doesn’t it? And losing access to all of our online information might be just as catastrophic. We have so much riding on what we do and our reputation is part of it. I feel that ... Read More »

Minding Your Health, Digitally


You know I’m all about technology. Not just because I pink puffy hear you guys and technology is what brought us together. It generally makes my life easier. I was recently super impressed when I went to my pediatrician’s office and saw the nurses and doctor with a tablet, taking all information digitally. Of course, I asked about it. This ... Read More »

Locked And Loaded


I’m tired of pretending. Tired of getting frustrated and tired of wasting time looking. Do you have this problem? I’m talking about passwords, folks. They are the bane of my existence! And yes, I can totally blame it on the mami brain but let’s be serious. As time has gone by I add more and more user logins and passwords. As ... Read More »

Be Still My Heart: Verizon at Valentine’s!


If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have heard about my struggles with my cell phone provider. Let’s just say that as a blogger, I must be connected especially when I’m covering an event and that has not always been the case. Which makes me not love my life, my phone or my provider. However, I have ... Read More »

The Gift Of Time Thanks To #Office365

Gift of Time

I finally got my tree up! I would like to get up and do a little jig but, I’m tired. How exactly did we end up in December already? Didn’t I just have a birthday? Wasn’t it just March like 15 minutes ago? Alas, time stops for no Mami. I might not like the idea but I certainly have the ... Read More »

5 Techy Gifts You’ll Love


I wanted to give you the low down on some techy gifts. But it is HARD! How can I pick just a few things to share with you? Also: I think gadgets are super personal and usually make recommendations only after you’ve filled out the necessary questionnaire that will allow me to better serve you. That being said, here are ... Read More »

We Are The Champions! #ChampionsSummit


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Seattle as part of the Office Champions program. The Champions Summit was…incredible. My brain seems to be bursting with great thoughts and ideas after everything I saw. It inspired me to write more about how I use technology in the coming year. And how I introduce technology to my ... Read More »

Reading With PlayTales


Disclosure: I was provided with a subscription to this app in order to review it. There’s nothing like story time around these parts. We have way too many books and keep adding to the collection every chance we get. But the frog princess has been enjoying e-books lately thanks to PlayTales. What Is It? PlayTales is magic. With a library ... Read More »

Time to Buy With Time to Play!

Time to Play

Disclosure: I wasn’t paid for this post. I was working on a giveaway for y’all and had to tell you about this in the process. So you get all the benefits of my work. You’re welcome! November is a busy month for me. This November, we add tonsillectomy to the list of Thanksgiving, birthdays, taking Christmas pictures and getting the ... Read More »