Wednesday , 16 April 2014
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The Blood Moon


I tried staying up last night. But as the time ticked, so did I. Why don’t I have a telescope?! How hard is it to live in a planetarium? What type of wine pairs well with the blood moon? All these things were running through my mind as I walked outside a little before 1 a.m. and noticed a very ... Read More »

Bienvenido a Miami: Hispanicize 2014


“Are people still using Facebook?” After, two days of Hispanicize marketing workshops and Latino trend sessions, the answer is apparently “No”. Hispanicize is a multi-industry event with workshops led by journalists, marketers and brand representatives such as McDonald’s and Target. Hosted at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami, each day was packed with events and guest speakers on how to ... Read More »

The President, the Princess and the Book


Mami used to say “you can treat me however you like but if you show a kindness to my kid, you have my heart”. A kindness is what the frog princess was shown. And for me, it defined so much about this administration in the White House. Let me say that I know not everyone is on the same page ... Read More »