Don't know how to pronounce it? It's Mahmee (mommy in Spanish). Check out the many uses for it in my about me page! And the name? Sili is pronounced like Celie (yes, I've heard my share of Color Purple jokes). Carry on, readers! Carry on!

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Creating a Media Kit With Microsoft Publisher {#OfficeChamps}


Disclosure: I am an Office Champion, an ambassador for Microsoft. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve often struggled with putting together my media kit. As bloggers know, a media kit is a collection of blood, sweat and tears that never quite tells it all. Amirite?  For me, the last few months have brought with them web host shenanigans ...

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My Yellow Balloon


As soon as this book hit my inbox, I knew I had to read it and I knew I had to tell you about it. Dealing with loss in this household is a constant. My daughter speaks of my mom often, at times telling me she misses her very much. Some days, words fail me as I try to explain ...

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Techy Tuesday: The Summit In Seattle


Disclosure: I am a Microsoft Office Ambassador (aka Champion). I was on this trip in order to get lots of information on products & services and in order to hug my friends. All opinions are my own. Last week I spent a little time in Seattle. For the record, let me just say that every time I go there, I ...

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