Don't know how to pronounce it? It's Mahmee (mommy in Spanish). Check out the many uses for it in my about me page! And the name? Sili is pronounced like Celie (yes, I've heard my share of Color Purple jokes). Carry on, readers! Carry on!

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Mami Mondays: The Countdown To the #Organizada Kickstarter


I have like 68 hours left on my Kickstarter. I thought I had a few more hours but apparently calculations is not my thing which doesn’t bode well for me. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make my goal but the fighter and believer inside me thinks I can. Not entirely sure how, though. I figure if I get a ...

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3M Young Scientist Challenge: Will Your Kids Be Entering?


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and excitement are purely my own. I’m a techy girl. I still remember Mr. Banks refusing to let me play Nerm the Worm during technology class. Instead, I became an expert at Science Island. He inspired me to learn more about technology and I wonder what would’ve happened if I would’ve had ...

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Teach Her Tuesday: Beyond the Backpack


With Spring officially here, the freaking out of Kindergarten has begun. Okay, let’s be honest, I started freaking out last Spring about where the girl would be for Kindergarten, whether or not she was prepared and what skills we need to hone in and work on. We do a lot of learning through play mainly because it’s important for me ...

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