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Super Mami And Self-Care

Super Mami And Self-Care

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for KYOTCs. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own. I write this late at night as I feel a tickle in my throat. All the thoughts pop up: What...

15 / / May 24, 2016
Raising A Fearless Child
Parenting, Raising Girls

Raising A Fearless Child

Sunday began with a drop off. Breakfast followed along with conversation. A wiggly tooth came up. A very, very wiggly tooth. Uncle Pete was paged in order to do the tooth pulling honors since he is, after...

0 / / May 23, 2016
Letter To a "Friend"
My Life

Letter To a “Friend”

Dear “friend”, I feel like this letter is needed. On a larger spectrum. Not so much for you or for me but for others that struggle with wording these feelings, these relational slights. You see,...

1 / / May 20, 2016


The Hair I Wear
April 27, 2016

The Hair I Wear

A long, long time ago. In a land far, far away… So begins my hairytale. No, that’s not a typo. We’re talking hair today. My hair. Maybe even my people’s hair. But I haven’t decided all of that yet. For as long as I can remember, folks had told me I had “bad” hair. “Greña” they called it. “Pajon” they teased. It might not have been intended (not everyone, anyway) but words from a tender age categorized my hair, and therefore me, into the “unwanted” category. In Dominican Republic, they call me......

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Saying Yes...

Saying Yes…

Some days, I dislike my best friend. Like, when she’s sitting there pontificating. Granted, I asked for her opinion but still! How dare she! How dare she be all “let me challenge you”? MADAM!...

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