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Mami Mondays: Meredith Talks Education


Mami Mondays is back! And we are kicking things back off with Meredith who speaks on an important topic that is of interest, not just because I have a child but because I am in grad school and would like to teach some day. The High Cost of Education This summer I packed up my home, filling boxes and bags ...

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Confessions of a Truck Driver’s #DeliciousMoments


Disclosure: I am a Breyers ambassador but this post was written by a fellow ice cream lover. Nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing a little happiness to those around me. Especially when I have no idea I’m doing it. Imagine my SURPRISE when, after going to an all-girl gathering at my friend Yadira’s house and innocently bringing them some ...

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Dating Dossier: Dei’s Not-So Dine and Dash


Meet Dei.Nicole. She is my line sister, my friend and my comic relief with her Facebook updates about dating. So much so that I had to create this for her: The post is long guys but, how could I cut the story down? It’s about a girl and a guy. Olive Garden and a check. About a card, a phone ...

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Not Defeated

Mami Votes

As the election raged on and emotions were high I found myself deeply thankful for all of my friends. Democrats and Republicans alike. I started thinking of what I’d say if my candidate lost. And what I’d say if he won.  When the results came in. I found myself sending love notes and thoughts of thanks to those who voted ...

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Mami Moments: Pregnant and Confused

So, before you go on spreading rumors, I am NOT pregnant. Confused? Um, yes. That one I can’t deny. I haven’t done a Mami Moments in a while and this time around I decided to give the ‘hood a taste of another Mami. Granted, her bun is still baking but to me, she’s a Mami already. Meet Ms. Brittany, also ...

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Mami MD: Meet Dr. G

Before you ask, no she’s not the forensic pathologist. Dr. G is this fantastic and fabulous human being that I have the honor of sharing the blogosphere with!  While at BlissDom, we got to talking since the frog princess had been feverish right before my trip and I asked her a question that I wanted to share.  It wasn’t until ...

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Of Dance and Taxes: Thrive Consulting Stops By

I met Holli after sending out a Tweet while in the legal session at BlissDom. I think it said something like: “I need a tax professional ASAP!”.  The information I was getting seemed overwhelming to handle all on my own.  Thankfully, I finally met her while we were both singing along to Biggie (no joke) on the dance floor.  Our ...

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