Sunday , 21 December 2014

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What to Pack for the Hospital


I’ve recently seen and received requests for a “what to pack” list when having a baby. The fact that I got about 32 women pregnant last year means I’ve seen this a lot. I’m tired of sending individual emails so here’s my list of things that you should pack for the hospital/birthing center. Documents: Insurance information and any paperwork you ... Read More »

Mami Moments: Pregnant and Confused

So, before you go on spreading rumors, I am NOT pregnant. Confused? Um, yes. That one I can’t deny. I haven’t done a Mami Moments in a while and this time around I decided to give the ‘hood a taste of another Mami. Granted, her bun is still baking but to me, she’s a Mami already. Meet Ms. Brittany, also ... Read More »

Do You Remember the First Time Your Baby Moved?

I wrote this June 18, 2009. I think I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. And as I read it, I could almost feel the flutter… Love, Volume I There have been no words dedicated to you No poem to tell you how I feel No volumes explaining this journey No verse to make this magic real It has ... Read More »

A Look Back: The Very First Entry

I was looking through my little girl’s journal. I haven’t written in it very much since last year but, this one caught my heart as I was copying it over to Evernote. It is the very first entry after finding out that we were pregnant. 4/15/09 11:10 p.m. These are the first words written just for you: we love you ... Read More »

The Beleh Swagger

I just got wind that Shell over at Things I Can’t Say is talkin’ ’bout rockin’ the bump! Thanks to The Mommyologist for posting her awesome big beleh pic! You look fantastic! Ya’ll, I’m not even going to lie. I felt all beautiful and sexy with my beleh! Maybe it was the hormones and perhaps I was the only one ... Read More »

A Look Back: 36 Weeks…

I realize now why some prisoners commit crimes shortly after leaving prison in hopes to be put back in (well, kinda). At 36 weeks and 1 day, I was allowed to finally leave the prison that was my bed. Although truth be told by that stage, I didn't want to. Well, I did but I was so tired most of the time that I wanted to run and do what I had to and then jump back into the bed. Read More »

A Look Back

As I inch towards my baby girl's first birthday, I am looking back to the journal I have kept since we found out we were having her. It's amazing that a year has gone by and now I can hold her and cuddle her and love her all I want to (and I am not on bed rest: thank you Jesus!). Here's what I said to my frog princessexactly one year ago. Read More »

Mami Mementos

As we approach the frog princess's 1st birthday, I am looking back and reading the journal I've been keeping for her since I was pregnant. I didn't write as often as I liked but, a few things have caught my attention. Sometimes I read some things and think: holy crap! Did I write that? This is one of those. Read More »