Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Avoiding Password Fasciitis with LionLock


A B C, easy as one, two, threeAs simple as do re miA B C, one, two, three, baby, you and me girl Those words always pop into my head as I try to come up with new codes that will be uncrackable in my password world. It used to be my chant and prayer to the password gods that ... Read More »

You Can Leave Your Hat On!


I love hats, y’all. But, ask me when was the last time I wore one. I think my cruise to the Bahamas in 2008 might’ve been the last time I wore a couple and felt comfortable doing it. I think hats lend themselves to a certain hot-damn-ness as an accessory. Amirite? I always feel extra classy and my Mami Swagger ... Read More »

Therapy Thursday: Lost In Grief


Last week I saw something that caught my attention on my FB timeline. It was a post from Ty Alexander of Gorgeous In Grey speaking about the passing of her friend Karyn Washington. My heart ached in a way I cannot describe. Karyn lost her mom after a battle with cancer. It got me thinking and I hope to have ... Read More »