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Time and Being Present {#Mamis40to40}


(I wrote this on my phone as I was boarding my plane in Houston, at approximately some hour which I do not recall)   It is all about time. What we’ve spent, what we are eating up, what we might not have.   These last few months, as I have struggled to create more space for peace, I have been ...

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Patricia’s Speech & False Solidarity


I was hard at work during the Oscars last night thanks to a Redbull and the lack o’ organization in my office. While I worked away, social media buzzed in the background. I was happy to hear when Patricia Arquette, honored for her work in Boyhood, mentioned equal pay. I mean, what woman wouldn’t love that, amirite? “To every woman ...

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Of Friends and Fashion: What to Pack for Vegas


I head to Vegas next week. There, the birthday celebrations will kick off with my two very bestest friends in the whole wide world. These are the women that will talk me down from a ledge, the ones that define “ride or die”. The chicks that would help me hide the body. Do you have these friends? Because I certainly ...

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Getchu Some!