Wednesday , 23 July 2014
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Mami’s Delightful Caramel Cornbread

Delightful Caramel Cornbread_2

I read somewhere that baking is for neurotic folks. Here’s my take on it. I don’t like it. When I start baking, I inevitably feel as if I’m in a level 5 infectious disease lab handling smallpox. If I don’t measure exactly right…what will happen?! I’ll blow up my kitchen. Or worse! The cake I’m baking will taste awful. With ... Read More »

Raising a Badass Girl


The title of this post hit me a couple of months ago. More as a question than an answer. For a lot of different reasons. I see how hard I have to fight society to instill certain essentials into my girl, even at this age. I can only imagine it gets worse from this point forth. I wrote a post ... Read More »