Don't know how to pronounce it? It's Mahmee (mommy in Spanish). Check out the many uses for it in my about me page! And the name? Sili is pronounced like Celie (yes, I've heard my share of Color Purple jokes). Carry on, readers! Carry on!

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Dating Dossier: Online Dating

I don't think I can do online dating.

I’m single. Did you know that? What you might not know is that I’ve never been a big dater. And thus, this world we live in of online dating and showcasing yourself online for the purposes of a partnership is, shall we say, unknown to me. Crazy, right? I mean I live online, why is this so difficult? Truth be ...

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Fashion Friday: Shopping In Seattle

Outfit of the day in Seattle

I was in Seattle for the Microsoft Office Champion’s Summit this past week and it was absolutely amazing! While we didn’t stay in the Ballard neighborhood (which I think we all fell in love with), we got a chance to head back there on our last day and this beautiful area of Seattle did not disappoint. Kristin and Kimmie led ...

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Mami’s Memorial Day Magic {#InDelightIn10}

Mami's Delightful Magic

Disclosure: I am an International Delight ambassador. All opinions and coffee addiction are purely my own. With Memorial Day rounding the corner and the Frog Princess graduating from VPK (someone hold me!), I’ll be having lots of company, visitors and celebrations. Which means I totally need a signature drink. Enter Mami’s Magic! The lovely part is that there are a ...

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