Mami (n): /mah-mee/ 1. A person’s mother. 2. A sexy, good looking girl. Most often used for girls of Hispanic descent. 3. An extremely attractive female.

Sili RecioThis is my blog and I am a Mami in every definition of the word. I started blogging because I talk too much and it was easier to share my stories with everyone in one place. Then I fell in love with it.

Many different things inspire me to write: family, grief, technology, books, activism and on and on and on. 

My goal is to bring you stories that you can connect to. Make you laugh, make you cry, give you a new perspective. Some days you will see that we are on the same page and you will connect with me that way. Other days you might not but I hope you’ll stick around to see my side of things and share your own.

I have friends that stop by and give you a view different from my own. They are Mamis too as per the definition above.

I can tell you about who thinks I’m awesome but the only person that matters is my Frog Princess (and my Mami in heaven).

Part of my purpose in life is to inspire others and coach them to their dreams. I’m deeply committed to changing the world and bringing you right along with me to help. It takes a village and I believe we can help each other reach the purpose we strive for. I’ve been told I raise armies and build empires. Oh and I also bake cookies and thangs.

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built over the years. Here are a few that have been central to my blog and business.
 Good Food Force Ambassador